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individuals will develop moles leading to skin cancer

At Dermpro, we pay attention to the wellbeing of our clients genuinely. Research is at the coronary heart of our organization.

Our state of the art application proves that Dermpro can distinguish 90% of moles and skin cancer. For general practitioner this ranges from 61% and 66%, while for dermatologists the range is between 75% and 92%.

We plan to shed light on issues related to mole and skin cancer and to have a tailored Diagnostic gadget to help people in a way that they can assess their skin and get to the specialist in time.


DermPro Service:
Keep your moles and skin wholesome with regular moles
and skin checks

Take Photograph of your skin Spot

Open the DermPro camera and take an image of the mole and skin spot. Our app will investigate your skin spot picture through the use of our qualified database and high tech machine learning along with clinically validated algorithm and will provide response within no time.

Receive your assessment within few second

You will acquire one of three risk assessments based totally on the risk classification including low, medium (with signs and symptoms that you have reported) or high chance.

Track your moles and skin spots

Securely keep a track of pictures of your moles and skin spots, for comparison over time. You can also set reminders, to check your skin over time.

Why use DermPro?

Dermpro is here to help you manage your skin health and prevent skin cancer by early detection.

With the use of state art technology and using qualified database, Dermpro can assist you with early detection of skin cancer.

DermPro makes it possible to discover most skin cancer at a early stage when it is easily treatable and has more affordable treatment options.

Early Detection Saves Lives.

Skin Cancer is the 5th most common type of Cancer Globally. In Australia, skin cancer accounts for around 80% of all the newly diagnosed cancer. In 2016, over 1960 people died due to skin cancer.


Skin Cancer patients globally


Skin Cancer patients in Australia


Skin Cancer patients deaths in Australia in past 3 years


Skin Cancer patients deaths globally in past 3 years


Frequently asked questions about

DermPro is a premium, paid for medical service that helps you assess skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer. Skin checks with our clinically validated technology are paid for. You can buy a single assessment or purchase unlimited checks for 3 or 12 months ( no subscription).

You can use some features of DermPro for free including: our risk profile and skin type quizzes, storing images of your skin spots and accessing UV information in your area.

Apps can help you check any mole for potential risks of skin cancer and track for changes over time.The diagnosis of skin cancer is only made after evaluation by a health care professional and biopsy, if indicated.

High risk assessments are given because there is some similarity between the photo and the skin cancer images in SkinVision’s database.

In this case you should get your skin spot checked by a healthcare professional.

DermPro works with a team of experienced dermatologists.

It’s important to get a new or existing skin spot checked out if it:

  1. => is asymmetrical with irregular edges or changes shape
  2. => contains many colors or changes color.
  3. => increases in size or is larger than the eraser of a pencil.
  4. => starts with symptoms like itching, crusting, flaking, bleeding or doesn’t heal.

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